MUA Board

MUA Board Members & Management

The governing body of the Authority consists of five members and two alternates of whom are appointed for five year terms on a staggered basis by the Township Council of the Township. The present Commissioners, their office on the Authority's board and the expiration dates of their terms as Commissioners are as follows:

Commissioner Office Expires Professionals Office
Rich Silvesti Chairman 1/31/2024 Grace, Marmero & Associates Solicitor
Harry Adams Vice Chairman 1/31/2026 Remington & Vernick Engineer
Matt Gorman Secretary/Treasurer 1/31/2025 Stephen Altamuro, Esq Conflict Solicitor
Dawn Passante
Member 1/31/2027 Fleishman-Daniels Law Offices Bond Counsel
Ray DiNovi Member 1/31/2023 Bowman & Company Auditor
Robert Finnegan Alternate Member 1/31/2025 Hardenbergh Insurance Group Risk Management Consultant
Angela Melroy Alternate Member 1/31/2024 Acacia Financial Group, Inc. Financial Advisor
Executive Director/CFO Elizabeth Rogale Water Resource Management Licensed Operator
Assistant Superintendent
(Water & Sewer)
Matthew Walker